The Makton Investigations and Consulting Team is prepared to help you and your company develop preventative measures and plan for the unthinkable. Our team has a background in security and law enforcement which means that we have experience de-escalating and surviving workplace violence. No one wants to encounter a violent situation, but being prepared is the difference between life and death.

Corporate Threat Assessment

Makton offers support and investigative services to make trials as painless as possible. We offer process service, witness locates, and interviews.

Trial Support

How are you protecting your company’s information? Who has access to your passwords? Do you know? Preventing a breach of information starts with recognizing it as a possibility. From hiring practices to employee termination to the protection of your most valuable assets, Makton is here to help you create a system that works.

Security breaches aren’t just internal. Mergers and acquisitions can also result in compromised information and unsafe situations. Makton’s agents will conduct background investigations in order to ensure that you’re hiring—and working beside—individuals and companies that you trust.

When your company has a lot of shifting roles, structural security issues can result in policies and practices getting lost in the shuffle. Makton can help your new management team identify problem areas and previous issues.

Risk Mitigation

As a licensed private security contractor, Makton can identify security flaws and strengths at your facility or business location. Security policies, practices, and alarm systems will all be assessed. Worried about the state of your security? Upon the conclusion of your assessment, Makton can continue to provide resources and support and will even assign security guards to work closely with your own team.

Planning a large corporate event or party? Planning a professional event requires you to put on your best self—which is why it’s essential that the event is executed safely. Makton will guide you through every stage of event security, from security assessment of the event venue and logistical planning to event termination and dignitary departure.


As a licensed private security contractor, Makton can identify your facility’s security flaws as well as how to capitalize on strong points. In many cases, policy and practice can be even more important than locks and alarms. Makton Agents will review all aspects to make certain that all of your security components are complimenting each other. Makton can provide you with ongoing guard support resources or work closely with your own security team.


If your business is recovering from the aftermath of a workplace violence situation or another catastrophic event, Makton is here for you. Our staff will assess the state of your security procedures and develop a Continuity of Operations plan to keep your workplace running.


You are only one of several companies or organizations in your industry, and you work hard every day to set yourself apart. That includes keeping company intel password-protected. But did you know that your company’s information could be compromised due to any number of external vulnerabilities? Corporate espionage is more than just a good movie plot. Let our experts review your security policies and practices in order to protect your information from competitors.


Know exactly who you are getting involved with before you jump in! Makton has agents who are experts in due diligence and background investigations. In today’s business world, mergers and acquisitions are common place, but they should never be done in haste. Take the time to thoroughly investigate all aspects of the individuals and companies with whom you will associate. Financial loss is bad enough; a black mark on your reputation may be more difficult to overcome.


Regardless of the organization or agency type, when there is a transition in command or management, it is a good time to review policy, practice and procedure. The new management team needs to know what they are inheriting and quick identification of problems or previous improprieties is essential.


Utilizing our broad, nationwide network of former law enforcement officials and resources, Makton Investigations and Consulting is able to provide expert case review and testimony in the following matters:

  • Background Investigations (as they apply to FCRA compliance and industry standards for purposes of pre-employment and tenancy screening)
  • United States Customs Importation/ Exportation
  • United States Postal Inspection Violations
  • Money Laundering
  • Police & Security Policy, Practice and Procedure
  • Workplace Violence (Policy, Practice & Procedure; Training)
  • Financial Crimes
  • Senior Exploitation
  • Search & Seizure (General and Border)
  • Accident Reconstruction
  • Evidence Collection/ Chain of Custody
  • SF 86 and Federal Clearance Review
  • Passport/ Visa Fraud
  • Police Use of Force

Makton can also provide services for the following situations.

  • Security Consulting
  • Security Agents (PPA)
  • Executive Protection
  • Workplace Violence Mitigation/ Response
  • Expert Witness/ Case Review (list attached)
  • Computer and Cell Phone Forensic Analysis
  • Social Media Harassment Solutions